1. robsillustration:

    Moving studio and still got a few of these “He The Head”, 3 colour screen prints left. Check them out on www.robmathieson.bigcartel.com or message me for matez ratez. 👐🐝👐🐝👐🐝 #wutang #wutangclan #robmathieson #illustration #screenprint #voltron #gza #rza #methodman #odb #inspectahdeck #ghostface #ugod #mastahkillah #wu #printsforsale #killerbees


  2. Some of our Wu Tang is for the Children gang have a photography exhibition over Number Six at the Old Truman Brewery tonight. Come check it out, kicks off at 7.


  3. Mr Phomer’s sweet installation at the show. 


  4. Sweet profile with Andrew Khrosravani over at Crack in the Road!


  5. Rob Mathieson has some of his prints from the Wu Tang is for the Children exhibition up on his online store - you can grab some very limited prints here!


  6. Big love to the boys at hashtagunity for this juicy recap!


    It’s been almost 2 weeks since the wutangis-forthechildren exhibition private view, so we figured it was about time to throw up some pictures and a recap of the night!

    #UNiTY threw some big weight into the exhibtion with three crew artists wearecalmandcollected woodsywood and danjoselifeof submitting seven varied poster & seven inch record sleeve prints for the show. #UNiTY also volunteered our sound system and equipment for the show with Dan Jose deejaying his 2036 Wu tang tribute next to lady deejay Jade

    Gemma “Does it right” White did an amazing job curating having got 40 artists involved with official backing from the Wu Tang Clan and their press office. The variety and calibre of the work was impressive.  Dan jose helped clean up after the private view and the inside scoop has it rumored that the the exhibition received strong praise and thanks from the high arbiter #RZA  himself. Bong. The line was literally out the door and round the the block within the first hour of the opening. A good part of #UNiTY showed up and we all had a great time. So big thanks to Gemma White for making this happen. And we hope to see more cool projects and exhibitions happening in the London Newcastle Project Space in the time to come!


  7. (Source: ginababer)


  8. lucasdupuy:

    My drawing from the wutangisforthechildren exhibition  

    better photos soonish



  9. Last day today! Come check out some ace artwork by fifty incredible artists, all inspired by Wu! Open til 6, 28 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP!


    Today is the last day to catch the Wu Tang is for the Children at the LondonNewcastle Project Space. The gallery is open from 11am-6pm.


  10. wearecalmandcollected:

    Chris from C&C has a print in the Wu Tang is for the Children exhibition at the LondonNewcastle Project Space from the 7th - 14th March 2014.

    Visit wutangisforthechildren.co.uk for more info…



  12. Love to the gang at Drop Dead for coming and checking out our exhibition on opening night!


  13. Some more shots of our private view courtesy of the lovely Svala Ragnars


  14. Stoked that Raekwon retweeted a photo of some of Chris Stead’s handywork over at Abbey Road Studios. Chris’s print has been one of the most popular pieces of work at the exhibition!


  15. Anonymous said: What time is the venue open during the week?

    11am - 6pm!